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Mentoring is an effective tool used by most businesses worldwide to help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and ambitions.  Mentoring is a facilitating tool to make entrepreneur’s dream to make it reality. Our team of experts who have dealt and successful in raising funds for their businesses will be mentoring while dealing with investors at various stages.

Finlynx helps find solution for your business problems that are actually implementable. That is their strength compared to other consulting companies.

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    Finlynx will handle the entire funding process from preparing pitch deck which will cover basic information of the idea, purpose of startup, business model, business projections, market coverage, USP, Founders’ background and so on.  Each Investors which include Venture capitalists, Private Equity firms, Banks and other financial institutions will be focussing on specific industries and we at Finlynx will connect right investor who suits to your industry or area of specialisation.

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    “Company registration is not simply getting approval. It is more than that. You have to consider many factors according to business nature. Finlynx is the way for such expert advice”

    Aram Naik
    Founder & CEO,, Goal Group

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