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Fund raising has got different stages like Seed, Series A, Series B, Series.  When we start a business we only have an idea that can be converted into a business model. This business model then needs to be launched in the market and then it has to generate revenue and the process of business goes on.  Investors look for certain aspects like uniqueness, what problem of a consumer we are solving, market potential, workable model and how soon the company can establish and expand.

Finlynx will facilitate companies in each stage to get the funding as per agreed terms and ensure business grows as per plans.

Finlynx helps find solution for your business problems that are actually implementable. That is their strength compared to other consulting companies.

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    Finlynx Advantage

    Finlynx will understand the requirements of  our clients like startups, early stage companies to raise funds to establish and expand the businesses.  We have partnered with Angel Investors, VCs and PE firms with varied business interest and philosophy to meet the  need of different industries.

    We work very closely with you in each stage of fund raising right from preparation of pitch deck, Business plan, Projection and offer, interpreting term sheets  and deal closures.

    Documents Required

    1. Promoter background
    2. KYC Documents
    1. Pitch Deck
    2. Audited Financials for last 3 Years
    3. KYC Documents
    4. Projection and Future Plans
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    “Company registration is not simply getting approval. It is more than that. You have to consider many factors according to business nature. Finlynx is the way for such expert advice”

    Aram Naik
    Founder & CEO,, Goal Group

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