Over a period there are much demand in the market for used cars as customers can buy their dream car at a lower price. Many professionals and business owners have a habit of changing their car frequently and there are demand to buy these used cars.  Many Banks and Non-Banking Financial Corporations(NBFCs) will fund for used cars. Used car loans are available at extremely competitive rate of interest, eligibility criteria, loan processing are made easy and simple. One can pre close the loan at a nominal charges.

Finlynx helps find solution for your business problems that are actually implementable. That is their strength compared to other consulting companies.

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    Finlynx Advantage

    Finlynx has established connects with leading banks and financial institutions for facilitating this loan.

    Our team of experts will be assisting customer to structure the loan from sourcing to disbursement stage to ensure hassle free processing of the loan.

    Customer need not walk to different offices to source the document.

    We will assist for all document processing.

    Login with the right bank or the financial institutions as per the customer profile.

    We will get you the best interest rate.

        No Fees Charged For Consultation


    (Passport, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID, GOI issued Photo ID Govt, Employee ID).

    (Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID, GOI Issued Photo ID, Govt Employee ID, Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Telephone Bill (Land line), Property Tax Receipt).

    • For Salaried – 3 months pay slip, 6 months Pay Slip, 6 months bank statement showing salary credits, 2 yrs Form 16.
    • Self Employed/Business – 2 Yrs ITR, Computation of Income, P&L, Balance sheet with CA seal and sign, Tax Audit Report, 12 months of all bank statements of personal and business accounts.


    We have team of experts with banking experience and the Chartered Accountants who can assist you to advice on the right process and the bank.

    Finlynx Experts will help you to do all process on your behalf which helps you sit at home and plan your business.


    1. Talk to our expert.
    2. Explain the loan requirements.
    3. Expert will explain the process and suitable bank for your requirements.
    4. Submit the required documents.
    5. Expert will login the case.
    6. Expert will coordinate with banking process
    7. Loan approved & disbursed.
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    “Company registration is not simply getting approval. It is more than that. You have to consider many factors according to business nature. Finlynx is the way for such expert advice”

    Aram Naik
    Founder & CEO,, Goal Group

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